Dave and Dave Duo

David Ellington and I braved the heat of Atlanta to play our outdoor duo gig at JCT Kitchen and Bar last night on the west side.  Actually, it was pretty hazy/overcast, and though the weather threatened, it never materialized.  After 7 PM, it was cool and breezy enough that I was no longer sweating profusely.  Thank god we didn't have to move into the bar.

We had some light applause throughout the night and a few people thanked us for playing after the gig, in contrast to the staff, who collectively always does their best to vibe us.  If only jazz was an acceptable form of hipster music!

Usually when we go on break, they blast something that doesn't mesh well with what we're playing--the only stuff I recognized was stuff by the Black Keys and the Beastie Boys.  This month, I tried to keep things the same by playing our own break music, but JCT shut us down--the waitress came over to tell me that our break music (Dave Douglas' Be Still) was bothering "her guests."  In my mind she said we were "offending her guests," but Dave claims she said "disturbing."  I think that even if she did say the latter, she meant the former.

Here's a song from that album (former roommate Matt Mitchell on piano!)

Here's some music if you'd like to check out what we played.

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