To Hell and Back

This week, the Yacht Rock Revue went to Florida for a couple of gigs before returning to Atlanta for a Saturday night gig at Venkman's. 

Thursday: The Beacham in Orlando. I'm pretty sure I saw Tower of Power play here in the early 90s. 

While I'm happy that we're in a venue closer to Orlando (previous gigs at the House of Blues next to Disney are far away from most of our target audience), I don't think The Beacham is going to be our new favorite place to play. Decent crowd for a Thursday.

Friday: Tallahassee.

we hit a lot of bugs

Friday's show was a street party before Saturday's FSU game. We'd played one of these maybe three years ago, and it was enough of a success that they've been trying to get us back every year since then.

Quite a party! Even if they had no idea who we were, the crowd was good and enthusiastic, and pretty entertaining. We had one drunk girl climb the barricade, pull herself on stage, get escorted off, and immediately returned to her spot in the front row before we'd finished the next song. The cops took up positions on the back corner of the stage soon afterwards.

Saturday: Atlanta. We got drove home from south Georgia Saturday morning and set up for a birthday party at Venkman's. It was us, but it wasn't specifically a Yacht Rock gig--a little of everything. Some Tom Petty, some U2, so Zeppelin, some Beatles, and some of our regular stuff. An easy night.

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