Two More

Two more gigs to finish out this week.

Friday: We played The Fred (the Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater) in Peachtree City for the third time, and for the third year in a row, we had rain. The crowd persevered, though, and it stopped just in time for us to begin.

This was not our usual show--for one thing, we had Ganesh Giri Jaya on drums, plus a horn section of Rob Opitz, Sam Skelton, and Wes Funderburk. Additionally, we played an entire first set of Beatles songs, something we haven't done in a few months. Everything turned out great. Good gig.

Saturday: Our Saturday gig was a private party in Louisville, so another airplane ride, another tent, another pair of backline keyboards. This was a good one, though--the backline was excellent, the tent sounded pretty good, the weather was just about perfect, and the crowd was into it. All in all, it made for a pretty easy night.

pretty dog halfway through my run
country club gig=brushing and mouthwash
The roughest thing about this gig (other than some dipshit Lyft drivers) was the tiny tent where we hung out--comfortable for four, very tight for nine. Plus, lots of mosquitos. Cell reception was fine, though.

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