Three In a Row

Three gigs last weekend.

Thursday: We played a fundraiser for a recycling center in Atlanta. The usual corporate gig level of energy and enthusiasm. Pretty painless, and we finished at 10, so I was home by 11:30 (which was amazing).

I'm a big proponent of recycling, and this fundraiser was aimed at helping a center which handles hard-to-recycle stuff (paint, tires, styrofoam, weapons grade plutonium, etc). While this is all super awesome, it was extremely disappointing that there was no recycling bin in the band's dressing room, which means that all of this more common and easy-to-recycle plastic is probably going to the dump.

Plastics are now in the food chain, people. It's a serious problem.

Friday: Country club party. Another low energy easy one. This one ended at 10 PM as well, and we had some grumpy dancers. Evidently they messed up their scheduling, and they should've done 8:30-11 instead of 7:30-10. We'll try again next year.

Saturday: Off to Athens for a sold out show at the Georgia Theatre!

Finally, a gig with an audience! The Georgia Theatre is a great room--they've finally got the sound issues fixed. This was a particularly excellent crowd, and Kip really nailed it on the sound.

Here's the show. Looks and sounds as great as it felt on stage.

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