Arby's, Athens

Two more Yacht Rock gigs this week.

Wednesday night, we played a corporate gig in Atlanta--an easy enough gig. The hardest/worst part of it was the load in and out of the Intercontinental Hotel--a really long walk from the loading dock to the freight elevator (don't forget to go to the security office first and turn in your driver's license before you do anything). Anyway, finished at 10, home at midnight.

Friday: Our show at the Georgia Theatre in Athens sold out mid week, which was a little bit startling, since we hadn't played a gig there since early January.

A couple of things from this one...we started the show with Sailing, and even though I thought I was over it, every step from the green room down to the stage bumped up my anxiety, and by the time I sat down at my keyboards, I had so much adrenaline going, I thought I was going to throw up. I made it through with no mistakes, but the rush leading up to it knocked me out for four or five songs.

I wiped the dust off my laptop keyboard before I left Atlanta, and I must have trapped something in the trackpad. The mouse pointer went crazy for a while, then settled down, then went all over the screen by itself. Late in the first set, the MainStage window shot up to the upper edge of the screen! Woah! The sounds were still working fine, but because the mouse part was behaving erratically, I didn't want to touch it. On the break, I was able get the screen back to normal, and I set it up for the one sound I'd need in the second set. Thankfully, it didn't freak out again.

When I got home, I cleaned it again, ran the disc utility, and then banged on the trackpad, and it seems like it's back to normal. The Genius Bar at the Mac store should hire me as a consultant.

Here's the show, in case you couldn't make the drive...

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