David Ellington and I brought our sax/organ duo to The Optimist last night.  We'd never played there before, and I think both of us were pleasantly surprised to find the space and the vibe to be very cool. We were outside in the courtyard, which gave us plenty of room to set up.

Rain had been intermittent;  both of us encountered plenty of it on the way to the gig (Dave reported that all the stoplights downtown were out).  We played about a set and a half before we had to stop--even though we were under and overhang, there was still some moisture getting on our equipment.  The Optimist even provided a tarp to put over Dave's organ.

After the rain delay we got back to work, but the next shower was much more powerful, and management thought it best that we pack up instead of trying to wait it out.  We ended up cutting off about the last thirty minutes of our gig.

What we did play was fun, though!  Check out the sounds we made.  If you listen to my solo on The Sidewinder, you can hear the arrival of the rain too!

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