Weekend Roundup

Uhhhh...Saturday evening, Yacht Rock played a wedding at the History Center.  I would rank this among my least favorite load ins--you either run everything up through the door off the courtyard (into the elevator), or you compete with the catering truck to get stuff through the loading dock.  Either way is a drag, with a cranky elevator in either situation.  I forget about it because we don't play here very often.  It's a beautiful room, but getting up there is a pain.

We got upstairs only to find out that the stage was the incorrect size (I believe 16x16 instead of 16x24), so we were a bit snug, but it didn't really matter.  We were able to get everything on stage in our usual configuration.

The gig was pretty good.  The bride and groom are big fans, and so everybody knew what they were getting into--captain's hats were distributed and away we went.  A lovely crowd, hats or no hats.

The first dance shredded my throat--Sam Cooke's You Send Me.  The backing vocals are really high (up to a screechy E!), at the top edge of my falsetto.  I made it through, but I couldn't have done it again.

Sunday...I haven't been writing about my church gig recently, though I'm still playing it.  There hasn't been anything to say.  This Sunday I was asked to sub at the mass before my usual one, which was a nice change of pace--reading charts and playing with different people.  I wouldn't mind doing this one again.  Strictly flute on this one.

My regular mass was...regular.  On the first tune, the microphone inside the piano got loose and landed on the strings--an interesting noise, I guess.  Other than that, it was business as usual.  I played flute and soprano sax on this one.  Evidently I did something cool on soprano during one of the communion songs, but I have no recollection.

In other news, here are video playlists from from two gigs this month.  First up is my duo with David Ellington at The Optimist.

The other is a trio gig with Dave and Henry Conerway III on drums that we played this past Wednesday.  Check 'em out!

One more thing!  Yacht Rock is back at the Park Tavern this Friday evening.  Come see what we're up to!

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