Beatles OTP

The Yacht Rock guys (plus Paul Poovey on trumpet) brought our Beatles tribute out to 37 Main in Johns Creek last night--our first time at this venue and one of the only times we've ever played the Fab Four beyond Smith's Olde Bar.

Pretty good show overall.  The whole room felt acoustically controlled--the PA was loud, but there weren't a lot of reflective surfaces to bounce sound.  It felt like we were playing pretty hard, but the stage sound never got very loud.  It was fine with me--I could everything on stage without it getting washy.

This is a new 37 Main (the other is on Main Street in Duluth).  Nice place!  Good size room, good food/hospitality, good staff, easy load in.  I'll take it!  The only weirdness I can think of is the air conditioning vent that was directly above the horn section, causing some tuning anomalies and a constant fight to keep our charts on the music stand.  The other peculiarity was that the hazer (for the lights) was inside the drum riser, and the haze came out of a hole right in front of me.  Occasionally I would disappear in a cloud of smoke.  Magic!

Lots of cool lights on the back wall.

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