Yacht Rock played a run of the mill corporate party last night.  The optimistic plan was that after the dinner and awards, everybody would stick around to party and dance the Wednesday night away.  Worst case scenario, the awards end and everybody leaves the room.  For the most part, that's what we got.  It didn't help that the bar station was out in the pre function area.  We played to around twenty-five people (fifteen of which were seated around two tables in the back of the room).  Our handler was super cool about everything, though.

Other random things...I packed my stage clothes except for shirts, so halfway to the gig I had to turn around and go home;  I was forty-five minutes late to load in, but still set up in time for soundcheck...the load in at the Intercon in Buckhead is terrible...we did the ice bucket challenge, and it got me, though my hat took the brunt of it (you can watch it here: subbed for Cobb on drums...I made the twitter feed!

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