Woo!  Tuesday night gig!

But first, a little bit of gear maintenance:  my Nord (the red keyboard) has been jumping out of the cleats that hold it in place inside the case, so I added some extra foam to the inside of the lid to hopefully hold it down.  I also made two blocks of foam to add to The Great Bencuya's Nord keyboard case.  Hopefully that will keep the keyboards from banging around inside the cases.

So...we had a gig at the Aquarium, in the ballroom.  The belugas are doing well.

This was another one of those low excitement corporate gigs.  They pay really well, though, so I can only complain so much.  It was weird to me, though, that they used the entire ballroom (which is pretty big), but they only had a couple of hundred people there.

As I was dragging my gear out at the end of the night, some dude from the party asked if I was the drummer.


"Wait--you play the, uh, skin flute!" (and pantomimed playing the EWI).

"No.  I was the keyboard player."  Not entirely untrue.  

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