Yacht Rock travelled to Birmingham, Alabama for the first time to play a show at Saturn, a really nice room in a gentrified neighborhood on the east side of town.

This is a great place to play!  Easy load in, big stage, good size room.

To add to the great performance space, there is a large apartment upstairs that serves as the green room, complete with pool table, kitchen, two and a half baths, couches, a record player, and lots of beds.  For a hundred bucks, the band can spend the night there.  Wow!

I remember this thing from my childhood, but I don't remember what it did.  Now it's a lamp.

We ate around the corner at a restaurant called Wasabi Juan, which was (as you might guess) a sushi and Mexican restaurant.  Total stoner food.  I had some kind of Thai-spring roll-burrito thing, with a chips and salsa as a side.  It was different, but good.

The was an entertaining gig.  My only really bad moment was on (ironically) Couldn't Get it Right, where I had a major brain fart and couldn't recall what I was supposed to play during the verse.  Everything else was pretty solid.

We spent the night upstairs, which was really convenient--Kip decided that it would be best to leave the gear in the building instead of loading it into the trailer, so no load out and no driving after the show.

The bed I chose, was unfortunately dirty--when I pulled the sheet back to climb in, there was...uh...plenty of someone else's body hair on the sheets.  Hmm...not sure how worked up I should be about that.  I decided it was too late to go searching for a different place, so I slept on top of the sheet, under the blanket and a sleeping bag.

We woke up early on Sunday morning with the intention of fueling up at the coffee shop downstairs before our return to Atlanta, but it didn't open until 10  AM.  What?  What kind of coffee shop isn't open Sunday morning?  Where's the brunch crowd?  Ugh.  We had to drive a few miles to find caffeine.  Not cool.  Plus, I left the green room bananas on the counter, so we had none to eat on the way home.  Booooo.

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