Thursday was another corporate event--this time, a fundraiser for a recycling center in Atlanta.  Pretty painless, though we did have many familiar faces in the crowd to help us along.

The vendor meals came in plastic boxes, the beer was in cans and bottles, the cups were paper, and the water was bottled.  To the best of my knowledge, we recycled none of it.  Not off to a good start.

Soundcheck.  Kip demonstrated his singular drum technique.

Ready to go.

Hanging out between sets.

photo cred:  Peter Olson!
On the way back to Marietta, I got stuck in a massive traffic jam at I-75 and I-285.  This lane closing, the rain falling on my gear in the back of the truck, my urgent need to pee, and the fact that the "need gasoline" light had come on a while ago called for evasive maneuvers, so I bailed onto 285 to Cobb Parkway.  At least that solved some of my problems.

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