Yacht Rock played another Thursday night at Venkman's.  Since Mark Cobb was unavailable, it was decided that we play without drums, hence the "Unplugged."  Not entirely true;  the show was acoustic guitar oriented, but I still played a keyboard, as did Bencuya.

looking cool and probably playing something dumb (photo cred:  Jim Ramsdell)

Beyond that, this was another fun Thursday night.  Since the idea was to pare things down, it was fun to renegotiate our way through these songs in a slightly different format, so I played more hand percussion, played some string parts on organ, and played the Africa solo on flute.

Other random things...

1.  Monkeyboy didn't realize that we were going drummer-less until two songs into soundcheck.

2.  We added Gerry Rafferty's Right Down the Line.  I think it's a keeper!  Then again, I say that about every song we add.

3.  We played David Bowie's The Man Who Sold the World, learning it in the green room thirty minutes before we went on stage.  I guess it went ok?  Other than the Young Americans album, I've not been exposed to much David Bowie, so I'd never heard of this song.  Everybody else acted like it was as familiar as something like Hey Jude, so...oops?  Also, I guess Nirvana covered this song--I didn't know that either.  Everybody was annoyed with anyone in the audience who suggested that it was a Nirvana tune.  Uhh...I know nothing.  My interests lie elsewhere, I guess.

4.  A drunk lady got on stage during Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard, and in between every line in the verses (sung by Pete), Greg Lee would ask for security.  Our monitor guy Zach (happy birthday Zach!) finally came up and dragged her off.  By the hair, I hope.

5.  Monkey played acoustic guitar into his old TC Electronics pedal, and the thing would randomly shut off every couple of songs.  At one point, he tried to punt it off the stage.  He refused to believe that his power cable might have been going bad.

6.  The keyboard stand company sent me replacement knobs.  I only needed one right now, so the other is ready the next time this happens.

7.  Greg Lee has a new EP out!  I played on one song (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/greglee3/OneKindofLove).

The whole record is great, though.  You should buy ten of them.  Check out his new website here:  http://www.gregleesongs.com

8.  Emergency gig!  The Dave and Dave Duo is back up and running, and we're playing at Venkman's tomorrow afternoon after the puppet show (what?), 1-3 PM.  Who knew that all I had to do was email and ask for more gigs there?

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