Dave and Dave!

Dave and Dave Duo made our triumphant return to Venkman's Saturday afternoon.  I kind of wondered if we'd been blacklisted or something, as we'd played there twice in November, and then...nothing.  All the brunch dates in December and January filled up without so much as an inquiry, so I finally spoke up about it.  Anyway, we're back, and I believe we'll do one a month for the next few months.

So...Dave (Ellington) and I tried a few of his newer tunes culled from a recent quartet gig, plus a handful of our old reliables.  Fun stuff!  I felt really good on this one.  I'm going to blame my mistake coming back in at the end of Cold Duck Time on the crowd noise (the sold out puppet show that proceeded us was packed), and my starting Crawdaddy a whole step too high was because I was accustomed to reading concert pitch charts.  Damn.

If you like what you hear, you can come see the David Ellington Quartet (with me) January 30 at Venkman's for brunch, 12-3 PM.  The website says trio, but Ellington says quartet.  http://venkmans.com/event/brunch-w-david-ellington-jazz-trio-2/

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