Thursday +

Yacht Rock had a pair of gigs Thursday, and then a van ride to north Georgia and back Friday.  I took several naps.

Thursday:  the day began with a morning performance at Timber Ridge Elementary.  We did one of these a few months ago in Nashville.  I'm guessing it was purely a publicity stunt, except we didn't really do much with it on social media, so...there was a guy with a camera from WSB there, too, but we didn't get any coverage (as of yet) because everybody's fixated on the weather.

On to the next thing!  We played our third consecutive Thursday nighter at Venkman's.  I took a nap in the green room between soundcheck and the gig.

As a tribute to Glenn Frey, we added a song from his first solo album.

Nick is on paternity leave for the next six weeks, so Greg's brother Ganesh (of Yacht Rock Schooner fame) is filling in.  He sang lead on this one.

Friday:  we headed to Nashville for a private gig.  This trip was doomed.

I woke up from a nap when we pulled over to deal with a flat tire.

photo cred:  Greg Lee

 As conditions in Tennessee deteriorated, we hung out a convenience store, and finally the gig was called off.  Good thing, too, because an 18 wheeler flipped on the other side of Monteagle.  Who knows what would have happened to us.

I slept the whole way back to Atlanta.  After dividing our gear, we went our separate ways for the weekend.

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