10 High vs. Venkman's

The Yacht Rock Revue began a string of Thursdays at Venkman's last week, vaguely (super vaguely) reminiscent of our old Thursday night gig at the 10 High...except the load in wasn't disgusting, and ceiling didn't leak, and it didn't stink of cigarette smoke, and the PA worked, and at the end of the night my ears didn't feel like they'd been hollowed out with a screwdriver.  It was on Thursday night, though, and there were some familiar 10 High faces there checking us out.

At set up, I found out that another keyboard stand of mine had died, once again at the same knob--the threads on the screw were stripped.  Fortunately, Nick had to swing by his house for some other stuff, and he grabbed one of the spares from the rehearsal room.  I called the manufacturer after soundcheck, and when I asked for replacement parts for this particular stand, he knew exactly what I was talking about.  "I have nightmares about this particular knob."  OK...sympathetic customer service!

my broken keyboard stand (d. January 7, 2016) and its shitty predecessor (d. July 9, 2015)

Nick had a really good set list for this one--an excellent mix of old and new stuff, and neither set was too long.  I can dig it.

Come see us next Thursday when we'll do it again!  Maybe I'll even have a new knob for my keyboard stand.

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