David Ellington, Kevin Smith, and I played a trio gig last night at the World Congress Center.  Weren't we just here a couple of weeks ago?

Some funny stuff (to me):

1.  The gig was for Roland, but Dave brought his Nord and a QSC powered speaker.

2.  The Roland people checked Dave's keyboard out to see if it was made by them, which is funny because a bright red Nord keyboard is one of the most easily identifiable instruments out there.  We guessed that maybe these people weren't from the music division.

3.  I was asked to bring a PA.  We got in the room, which was small enough that we probably didn't need a PA, only to find a production team of three in the back of the room and their PA (with small line arrays and a sub on either side of the stage) fanned out to cover the room.  I wonder why we wouldn't have just plugged into their system?

4.  We were given thirty minutes to set up while they flipped the room, but the client opened the doors twenty-five minutes early.  We started fifteen minutes earlier than the contract and played two hours straight (ugh).  At the end of our two hour contract, I went back and let the production guys know to kick on their music.  As I returned to the stage, the client said that we were supposed to play another fifteen minutes.  When I let her know that we'd started fifteen minutes early, she had no idea (but was cool with it, and turned out to be very appreciative of the music).

5.  We were set up on one wing of a wide stage, and one of the Roland dudes climbed onto the back of the stage and pushed me out of the way so that he could photobomb an official photo in front of center stage.  He thought he was really funny.

So...after all that...nice gig!   We played well, though I messed up a few times.

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