The Noog

Chattanooga, of course!  Yacht Rock played our first club gig (our only other appearance being at the Riverbend Festival earlier in the year) at the Revelry Room, and sold it out!  Looks like we might be making it up to Tennessee a little more often.

Things didn't begin well, however.  The Revelry Room has only been open for four weeks, and by the looks of it, they're still trying to sort things out.  For example, we loaded in off a muddy street (with no ramp option so everything had to be carried up some stairs).  The stage was dirty, covered in glitter and dust.  A few of the guys found a broom and a shop vac and cleaned that up before we started setting up.  Not very rock and roll.

 The green room stuff on our rider also took a while to materialize, and when it did, the bananas we just a little too green.  In five or six days when these are ready, I'll be happy.  I'm guessing that whomever did the shopping for our requests isn't the fruit pro that I am.  Frickin' green bananas!  What the hell?  Maybe we should submit a paint chip with the correct color of yellow.

The room itself was very live--a medium sized concrete floor box.  Soundcheck sounded ok;  we knew it would change a lot when the people showed up.

Greg, Bencuya, Monkeyboy, and I ate at a place called Blue Orleans around the corner from the club. Excellent, excellent, excellent New Orleans food.  Also, the hostess was cute.

The gig...was pretty fantastic!  Five hundred people is more than I thought we'd see on a rainy night, but it was packed, and the crowd had great energy.  Super fun!  I met a couple of cool people who'd seen us at different places around the southeast.  The word is out.

I hope we play Chattanooga again, maybe at the sister club to this place, Track 29?  That looks like a much better room (just checking out photos on the internet).  Also, I want to eat at Blue Orleans again as soon as possible.

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