Yacht Rock finished our two night stand at Venkman's with an encore performance of Michael Jackson's Thriller.  Third time's the charm?  I think the few things that we might have sacrificed in terms of accuracy (I'm pretty sure I reverted back to older background vocal parts in a few spots) were made up by the relaxed feel of the set.  We may have been more precise at the Variety Playhouse show, but we had more fun at this one.

The second set was comprised of 80s tunes from our set list.  No big surprises.

For I Wish, Pete comes to my position and plays my keyboard, and I go up to his spot and play EWI.  As I moved up front, I checked my EWI and it worked fine.  However, once the song started, I had no sound in my in ears!  I went back to check my laptop, which registered that it was getting MIDI signal, but there was nothing in my ears, so after fiddling with it for a little bit, I switched to saxophone and finished out the song.

Upon returning to my keyboards for I Can't Go for That, I found that I also had no sound from my keyboards.  During the first verse, they finally came back on.  I guessed (and our monitor guy, Zach, confirmed) that Zach had muted my keyboard line when I came out front--something he does on Silly Love Songs when Nick is playing piano at my position--and forgotten that the EWI signal was coming down the same line.  Which means that my attempt to troubleshoot the EWI was coming through loud and clear to everybody else, including the audience.  Oops!  I think it might be better if I played sax on that one from now on.

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