Original Recipe

Yacht Rock celebrated our eighth year of existence by recreating our original set list.  Some of these we haven't played in eight years.  Preparing for this was a pretty hard grind--there were only a few that needed my attention, but at this point in the year, I'm so fried on trying to learn anything new that I am easily frustrated.

It'd be great if we kept all of these new old ones, not only because of the work it took to learn them, but also because they sound waaaaaaaaaay better than they did eight years ago.


Things We Do for Love is a new old one.  Difficult vocal harmonies, easy keyboard part.  Forgot multiple times to clap during the "Like walking in the rain" part.

Lonely Boy.  I wanted to sing this one.  Nick sang it instead.  He crashed and burned at the last verse.

Magic (Pilot).  Easy vocal part (for me), tricky keyboard part.

Heart Hotels.  I love the way this song builds and grooves, and it's got an EWI solo (Tom Scott on a Lyricon on the original, and-at least once live-Fogelberg activated some Michael Brecker!)

Damn.  That's some good shit (the solos).  We were trying to get on a Fogelberg tribute album a few years ago so we performed it with saxophone--closer to this version.  It's fun either way.

This is It.  Challenging vocally and instrumentally.  I like it, though, and if we could ever convince Kenny Loggins to hang out with us, I'd rather play this than the firkin' Danger Zone.

Sundown.  An easy one for me (tambourine), and a chance for Mark Cobb to come out front.  Nick on drums.

Kiss You All Over was played often during the first year of the band.  This song got a shout out on our Facebook page, but that probably won't be enough to keep it in the setlist.

Love is Alive.  Must be really hard to sing because we play the shit out of it and it always seems to go over well, but it never stays in the set list rotation.

We even brought back the wigs for this gig.  I remember now how hot and scratchy they are.

In other news, I replaced my purple sax effects pedal (the Digitech Vocal 300) with a Line 6 M9.  First gig with it sounded good!  It'll probably take several more gigs to dial it in, but I'm about 80% there just from playing with it at home.

Plus, it's got a looper...you know, a caddie, a looper...a jock...

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