More Weirdness and a Wedding in the Woods

I failed to mention the biggest weirdness of Friday night's gig downtown:  I got home, pulled my truck into the garage, and as I walked around the back to go in the house, I noticed a cell phone. what?

A couple of thoughts:

1.  I tried responding to a recent text (I can swipe the message notification and reply without unlocking my phone), but that was not an option.  Same with returning a missed call.  The phone wouldn't let me do it.

2.  I noticed that this was a Verizon phone, so I wondered if I could turn it in to a Verizon store and let them track down the owner.

I mulled the whole phone thing over for a while, and then the "FIND MY IPHONE" alert went off.  I wanted to answer that one, too, to say, "I'm here!  Come get it!  I don't want your phone!" but that is also not an option.

Finally, the owner called and wanted to know who I was and how I got her phone, and of course, how she could get it back.  I told her I was in Marietta, and she said, "Me too!"

"Great, I'll come meet you somewhere.  Where are you?"

"Midtown.  Where are you?"

"Marietta.  I'll be in midtown in the morning, and I can meet you and give you your phone."

"I'm at the Ramada Inn by the Tabernacle."

"Got it."

So, Saturday morning, I drove down to the Tabernacle and did a search for the nearest Ramada Inn, which happens to be on Armour Drive (up by Smith's Olde Bar, which is not near the Tabernacle or near where my truck was parked last night).  The girl had given me her passcode, so I tried calling the number she'd called me on the night before.  No answer.  I drove around the block and tried calling again.  No answer.

Since I was not in the mood to deal with this anymore, I went to the Holiday Inn (which is a couple of blocks from the Tabernacle).  I texted the number "The missing phone is at the front desk of the Holiday Inn on Andrew Young International Blvd," hit send, and handed it over to the front desk.  The end.

From there, I drove to meet the van and trailer, and we headed to North Carolina for a wedding reception.  I slept most of the way.  The reception was at a golf course/group of cabins in the woods.  We were in a tent by the driving range.

After set up, we had a few hours to kill, which we did watching college football and farting profusely.  The meals we were provided were really bad.

We had to learn Queen's You're My Best Friend as a first dance--just ninety seconds of it.  The background vocals are very involved, and we did a pretty half-assed job with them.  Fortunately, the happy couple didn't seem to notice.  Everything else was pretty much our standard set list.  No big deal on anything.

The gig ended at 10 PM, and we were packed and headed to the hotel at 11.  Zach (one of our sound engineers) was driving, and he volunteered to take us home instead, to which we readily agreed.  I'd much rather do that than get up at 7:30 AM and book it back to Atlanta.  Anyway, I slept the whole way, which I guess I would have done even if we'd spent the night.  Woke up in midtown at 2:30 AM, wondering if that girl ever found her phone.

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