Weirdest Gig of the Year

Yacht Rock played a very strange gig Friday at the Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta.  Following on the heels of our sold out show last Saturday at the Variety Playhouse (and more or less selling out the Georgia Theatre in Athens the night before that), we played for around forty people, the vast majority of whom ignored us until the last THIRTEEN minutes of the gig, when two people finally set foot on the dance floor.  We played almost two full sets without anyone coming near us.  Maybe they were enjoying the music while hanging out (possibly networking?)?  I'm not sure.  Very strange.

Also weird was that fifteen minutes after we finished, a group of people who threw the party came into the dressing room to thank us for being there.  That's not weird (it's nice of them to do so), but we were almost all half undressed at that point (I was wearing underwear and socks when they came in), and they hung out talking/thanking for a couple of minutes.  Should I continue progressing towards street clothes, or put my polyester back on?  It was cool of them to thank us personally, but hey...I'm standing here in my boxers.

Weirder still...the same group returned a few minutes later to ask for a group photo (when they'd just seen us changing out of our stage clothes, so we had to put our clothes back on (we agreed on top half only, so Monkeyboy didn't wear pants for this), step out into the hall, and take a few pictures.  Again, it's cool that they liked us, but...we were available for all this in between the two sets when we played for no one.  How about then?

One other observation:  the "chamber" in the Chamber has a bidet/heated toilet seat...the works.  Is this for employees or foreign guests?  I wanted to take it for a ride, but I only had to pee during my visit.

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