Hamilton, GA is between Callaway Gardens and Columbus.  Saturday night, Yacht Rock played a wedding reception out in a tent in the woods.  This one was more or less the same set of music we'd played the night before, and the crowd was just as good looking (though younger).  Nothing more to report.  Twas a pretty easy night.

Lots of tuning before we got started.

No Zach on this one, but Kip did another excellent job running sound (Zach's roommate Liz worked as Kip assistant).

This one had one of the more unusual first dance songs.  I like it, though.

Once the sun went down, all the bugs in the county descended upon us.  This happens when you put a bunch of lights in a tent in the woods next to a pond.  Bugs everywhere.  The curtain behind the band was full of insects, and I spent most of the second set picking these guys off my keyboards and microphone.  At one point, one even went down my shirt.

The two hour drive home was spent pondering what might be in my truck with me, crawling up my legs.  I hate that.

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