Gigs on Sunday are generally great.  It's a bonus gig.  Yacht Rock played some kind of corporate party at Stats downtown, up on their rooftop patio.  It was pretty hot, but I'm glad I remembered to bring a tarp to keep my gear out of the sun.

This one was a pretty sleepy gig.  Once the sun went down, we couldn't see or hear much of the crowd (because of sunglasses and in ears).  It felt like we were playing a gig in a dark, empty room.

In the second set, the crowd got a little closer and paid us a little more attention.  I'd guess there were two hundred people there, and maybe seventy-five were engaged with the band.

The real highlight of the evening happened after the gig when we went to get our cars from the parking deck across the street.  We'd been given vouchers so we wouldn't have to pay, but evidently we needed our original parking tickets as well.  The moron who worked the parking garage couldn't solve this one - they have the voucher but no ticket!  What do I do?  I'll call my manager.  Parking lot attendants are not independent thinkers.

In the mean time, Peter ran back across the street, retrieved the original parking tickets, and got us out of there.  Those idiots are probably still trying to figure it out.

We're on the road this week, playing the Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga on Thursday night, the Mercury Lounge in Louisville on Friday night, and Joe's Bar in Chicago Saturday night.  See our website for details and ticket links.

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