Yacht Rock has played for a golf tournament at North Druid Hills Country Club for the past four or so years.  At one time we used to set up on the pool deck (in the sun), but for the past few years it has been in a tent around the corner (good because we had rain the previous two years).  This annual event is really easy, and the talent level (of the audience) is high.  Even the load in/load out isn't too difficult.

We brought back Arthur's Theme and added You're So Vain for this one.  Arthur's Theme is really complicated for me because of a pretty involved, two handed string part, and giving way at the end of the chorus to strings and a synth part.  There's also a famous sax solo, and it's a quick one beat change to jump from one to the other.  Later in the song it gets even more complicated--I play a chord, play a sax fill, reach up and play the next chord, play another sax fill, and then jump back to playing two handed strings.  It's going to take a few more attempts before I really have my coordination down.

You're So Vain is easy.  I don't even start until after the guitar solo halfway through the song.

One other thing I liked about this gig is that we had a nice sized stage with two levels, with my station and the drums up about a foot higher than the front line.  Plenty of room for everyone, I wasn't hiding behind the guitar amp, and I could see what was happening out front.  I could go for more set ups like that.

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