Honky Chateau

I'm glad I don't play many gigs at Chateau Elan because it's soooooo damn far away.  The best way for me to get there is to go across the top of I-285 and then up I-85, both of which are always a big mess...and then the place feels like it's right outside of South Carolina.  Too far.

This gig was a wedding, and our first good test of the in ear monitor system.  Major success!  Everybody's pretty happy, and it sounds like we're already all pretty close to dialed in.  I'm loving the sound.  Zach and Kip have done an awesome job of bringing this to fruition.  I hope they're as excited about it as we are.

Also (and I think this is purely psychological), I'm excited that I have to bring less equipment.  It's only my amp (in a pelican case), but something makes it seem like I shaved a significant chunk out of my load in/out.  I guess I can work it out to be one fewer trip between my truck and the stage.

Other than that, nothing to report.  My part of the first dance looked like this:

Good pre-gig food.  No margaritas, though.

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