Dave and Dave

David Ellington and I hadn't done a gig in a month.  I was a little worried--my saxophone playing as of late has been pretty abysmal, and there would be nowhere to hide on a duo gig.  What if I provided two hours of uncoordinated eighth notes, a dozen tunes of bumbling bullshit?  It seemed like a real possibility.

Fortunately, none of that came true.  I asked Ellington about it after the gig, and he claimed it was his own superb performance that brought my own level up!  Maybe so...but I seriously do wonder why everything flowed so easily on this gig, but not on others, or not at home.  This turned out to be some of my best playing of the year.  I could've played another set and not felt like I was playing in circles.

Afterwards, we had brunch.  Great gig!  We're back Friday night, 7-9 PM.  

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