Golf Lundgren

I've got a little backlog of blogging, so I'll be catching up in pieces...

Thursday:  Yacht Rock has played a party connected to the PGA tournament in Jacksonville the previous two years.  We weren't available for this year's party, so we were hired for an event there earlier in the weekend.  Same ride, same tent, same people.

Unfortunately, Jacksonville is kind of far away, and we had to load in pretty early in the afternoon, so we left Atlanta at 7 AM.  Boo.  Somewhere in south Georgia, our van began to vibrate more than usual and we were forced to purchase two new tires.  I woke up in the back seat to this.

Behind these tires I set free my morning coffee.

The tire stop cut into our lunch break, so we ate at Wendy's.  No surprise that I ordered what I always order.

We showed up around a half hour late for load in, but it didn't seem to make any difference.  Since the golf tournament was in progress, we really couldn't do any kind of soundcheck anyway.  It just left us with a lot of down time.

One of the more exciting events of the afternoon was when the stand of bamboo in the corner behind my gear blew over in the breeze and landed on my stuff.  Thankfully nothing was damaged.  Kip forbid the lady from setting it back up.  Only Bencuya's bamboo remained.

We also had an interview with a lady from the PGA.  She was pretty.  It made me goofy.  Here's a picture of me trying not to say anything (else) stupid.

Other than that, it was a pretty average gig.  One ninety minute set with Matt Lipkins (of Shadowboxes fame) subbing for Nick.  Afterwards we all stood around while all of the female audience had their pictures taken with Pete.

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