Trio at the Ritz

Kevin Smith (bass), David Ellington (rhodes), and I played a corporate background music gig Monday night at the Ritz at Lake Oconee.  Good stuff!  It was a nice and easy hit, and the crowd never got loud enough that we couldn't hear ourselves.  All three of us played well.  You can hear it:

Since we were in a large tent, it was requested that I provide a PA.  We never used it;  I set it up, but never turned it on.  I guess we were loud enough acoustically to cover the space.  The bad news is that my microphone stands and bag wandered off--when setting up, I took one stand out (for the sax microphone) and left the bag (with two other stands in it) on the floor while I built the PA.  When I was packing up after the gig, I realized it was missing--I'm guessing that someone moved it out of the way when the food/beverage and decor people were setting up, and then whoever moved it didn't bother to mention it to me or anyone (or didn't realize that it was mine), and then left for the night, so post-gig nobody knew where to find it.  Anyway, I'm out around $80 gear because of it.  Boo.

The ride home is boring as hell (105 miles each way), and then (after I ate, because god forbid the musicians should be allowed to eat from a buffet that you're going to throw out after the event) I stayed up late practicing for a Tuesday morning rehearsal's for the next big Yacht Rock show--the Reagan Rock Prom April 10.  All the new stuff sounds pretty damn good.

In other news, there are two Dave and Dave Duo gigs this week:  Thursday at JCT Kitchen and Bar on the west side (6-9 PM), and Friday at Sun in my Belly (7-9).  Here's a video from last week:

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