Back to the Duo

Good news!  My microphone stand bag (and stands) has been located at the Ritz at Lake Oconee.  Supposedly they are being loaded onto a truck that runs between the Ritzes in Atlanta and the one out there, so once it makes it back to town, I'll just run down and pick them up.  Stay tuned.

The Dave and Dave Duo landed back at JCT Kitchen, hoping to have a nice evening playing on the deck/patio for the hipsters.  Unfortunately, as soon as we finished setting up, the weather closed in on us, and we had to rush our gear inside to the bar (boo).  Ten minutes later it was pouring outside (for about ten minutes straight), so good thing we moved.

The bar is an unfavorable situation.  We played fine, but the crowd is really loud and largely oblivious to the fact that we're tucked in the corner.  Not my favorite.  I didn't bother to record it because all you'd hear is crowd noise.  Good warm up for Friday night, I guess.

In the mean time, nosh on some of last week's Sun in my Belly videos:

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