Keepin' On

Yacht Rock had a Sunday afternoon gig, a benefit for the Songs for Kids Foundation.  In the past, we've participated in a week long event at Smith's Olde Bar called 500 Songs for Kids--lots of local bands (famous or not) jump on stage and play a song they've been assigned.  It's pretty cool, though because of our size and need for accuracy, we end up dragging some gear up those back stairs to play one song.  I think our performance at this gig is a better option, and hopefully raised gobs of money!

Front of House footwear
You can see what they do in this video:

So...the event was at Monday Night Brewing, which is more or less a warehouse, which is to say that it is not acoustically friendly!  Nonetheless, it was a very easy gig, with a pretty easy load in/out, and it was finished at 5 PM!  Can't beat it.  It even left me time to go play the ol' church gig.

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