Monday Night Corporate Party

Yacht Rock was back in action for a corporate party at the Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway.

I got things started by leaving fifteen minutes late--that ended up being about twenty minutes late because of the rain and traffic.  Embarrassing.

The Marriott is pretty nice.  I think it gets forgotten because of its location (next to the International Convention Center, which also gets forgotten).  It's nice and clean and moderately hip looking, and the load in is easy and clean and doesn't feel like the back door to a dungeon.

The crowd was costumed for the "rock and roll" theme of the party (I think).  We did three sets.  There were several other things competing for attention--green screen photo booth, pool tables, ping pong tables, and bean bag toss.  When we went on break, they played videos from pop music that was current ten to fifteen years ago.  The whole thing was kind of weird.  Not much dancing.  We were, for the most part, expensive background music.

At one point, we had the four guys from Kiss on the dance floor by themselves, getting down to Silly Love Songs.  Gene dropped his tongue on the floor a couple of times.  Yuck.

Done at 9:30.  Home around 11.  Nice!

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