Sunday Gigs and Dave's New Faves

So…I was back at my normal church gigs.  I kind of miss it when they don't happen.  I like the routine.

My AM church gig had a sub sound guy.  We were going to do some kind of mammoth song with tracks, but the sound guy couldn't get it to work--he couldn't find the track on the mixing board, and then he did find the track (coming off a laptop on stage), but couldn't get the stereo split (click on the left, music on the right) to work, so we abandoned it.  It worked out fine, though--we couldn't get off from the click that way!  I must say that I played really well on this song.  Actually, the whole service was good in spite of the sound guy problems.

My PM church gig went pretty well, too.  I had a great mix going, though I didn't play anything memorable.  So it goes.

In other news…Mark Cobb hipped me to this record:  Locked Down by Dr. John.  Fantastic record, and it has some really great bari sax playing by Leon Michels.  Yeah!  Totally bad ass.

Also courtesy of Mark Cobb, this super cool song by Jim James off his latest record Regions of Light and Sound of God.  This was on Jimmy Fallon.  More awesome bari playing, this time with Martin Perna (also Groove Collective's Jay Rodriguez on flute!).  So cool.  You can fast forward to 3:48 if you need a quick fix.

Things are starting to heat up again!  Look for Yacht Rock this Friday night at the Taste of Dunwoody and Saturday night at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville.

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