Rob Henson!

talkin' to you, Darren Stanley
Yacht Rock played a holiday party last night at the Hotel Intercontinental in Buckhead.

What otherwise was a snoozer of a party was memorable for the presence of Rob Henson, subbing on bass (Greg Lee was subbing for Nick on the front line).  Several of us have known Rob since college, and he still has the same intensity and aggressive playing that he was known for at I.U.  It was super fun to share the stage with him again.

This party was a huge production--multiple rooms, a DJ, karaoke, a blues band, and us.  It was a huge and expensive event--I wonder how many of the attendees would rather have had a Christmas bonus instead of this lavish gala.

The sound company had some trouble with the audio--I played all of Lowdown without the flute microphone on (you'd think a forty-something guy would say, "Hmm, there's something missing in this song!"), and lots of things were coming and going in the monitors.  I think they'd had enough of us by the end of the night--the crew wouldnt even talk to us.  I packed up and hauled ass out of there.

Other than Rob Henson (woo!), my other exciting discovery was a passageway from the freight elevator to the parking garage, which saved me about a mile of walking inside the hotel and another trip to a stinky loading dock.  Score one for Dave!

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