Sea Island

Yacht Rock was in Sea Island Monday evening for a corporate gig of some kind.  Not the greatest circumstances, but still a pretty good gig!

One of the toughest things about this particular event was that we didn't spend the night, so it was drive five and a half hours, set up and play the gig, tear down, and drive five and a half hours back.  Fortunately, Hans (our sound guy for the event) was willing to drive both ways and run sound.

The other complication at this show was the weather.  We were outside on the edge of a marsh, on a stage with no covering (thankfully, no rain!).  Upon arrival, we had to deal with sand gnats, which we were told were all wings and teeth!  After the sun went down, the gnats went away, but we then had to deal with cool temperatures and high humidity, which meant that all of our gear was dripping with condensation.  Not the best situation for electronics!

Bencuya was out for this gig, so we had Eric Frampton subbing for him.  Cool!  Because of sub, there were a couple of songs where I played Bencuya's parts (and Frampton played mine)--Reminiscing, Hey Nineteen, Somebody's Baby, and Doctor, My Eyes.  I came through in good shape, except for the last one, where I came out of the guitar solo too early and train wrecked it.  Agh!

We all made it home in one piece, thanks to Hans.

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