Charts and Odd Meters

I was shut out of my AM church gig this week.  Oh well…slept in…I would've liked to have made the money.

Most of my day was concentrated on finishing horn charts for next Saturday's big Yacht Rock Holiday Show at the Variety Playhouse.  We're going to have a horn section, so I've been cranking out music.  There are eighteen tunes all together;  I have fourteen finished and printed out.  That leaves four to put in Finale.  At around three hours per tune (transcribing/arranging/inputing), that's a lot of work.  The deadline/rehearsal is Tuesday morning.

My PM gig was not too bad.  I've discovered that panning the acoustic guitar and piano opposite each other makes each more audible (since they are both playing in the same octave much of the time).  The only other thing worth mentioning is that we had two songs with random odd meter measures thrown in.  The first of the two was in six, but every fifth or sixth bar would be in seven (I think this was to satisfy a wandering melody).  Naturally, I was given a solo, which unsuccessfully wandered in search of downbeats and a form.  Thanks.

We had a new priest tonight.  I wonder if the church could put the franchise tag on a good priest to keep them in the rotation, and maybe put the blabbermouths on waivers in the hope that some other church might pick them up?  Throw in a deacon as trade bait?

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