Yacht Rock sold out the Georgia Theatre in Athens Saturday night!  We were awarded gold medals for the achievement.  The Theatre had a banner day--they set all kinds of records for people coming through the doors (the broadcast of the UGA football game earlier in the day obviously helped), and they ran out of beer, ice, and Red Bull.  We're #1 for the time being.

The show was great.  It's such a cool room, and now that we're getting more comfortable on that size stage, it's better and better.  We had a great set list going:

Very sax heavy in the first set.  Good stuff.

Things are pretty awesome!

Here's my solo from Reminiscing:

 Reminiscing sax solo Sept 29, 2012 by David B Freeman

What an amazing weekend!  We played for about a thousand people Friday night at the Park Tavern and then another thousand Saturday.  Every show from now on should have a thousand person minimum.

So…we started at 10 PM, finished at 1 AM.  We were on the road back to Atlanta shortly after 2 AM.  I got home and repacked for Sunday, took a shower, and crawled into bed at 5 AM.  My alarm went off at 7 AM.  I was at my church gig at 8 AM.

My AM church gig was different--one of those weeks when the church decided to drag out every ensemble and make a big production.  Maybe it's fortunate for me--I ended up playing tenor saxophone in the orchestra (which is strings + volunteer concert band).  My part in the show was reading middle school level saxophone parts and trying to stay awake.  The orchestra actually sounded really good from where I was sitting.

There was some confusion, of course.  I walked in to find out I was supposed to play alto today…except that nobody told me that, so I brought soprano, tenor, clarinet, and flute.  They swapped out some charts and I played tenor.  I can't see what difference it made either way--they already had one alto player and one tenor player.  For one song, I played a second trumpet part down an octave.  Another song had divisi parts for the tenors, so I alternated playing the top part in one measure and the bottom part in the next.  Fun.

In addition to the band, they had a combined choir--the group which usually sings with us, another adult group, and the children's choir.  All fifty kids had on t shirts which said on the back, "its the place to be."  Really?  It made me wonder if anybody in the church was praying for fifty missing apostrophes.  How can a typo that egregious make it through? How can none of the fifty children's parents not take a Sharpie to the shirt?  Don't any of the teachers from the school run by this church attend services here?

Ugh.  We played both the 9:30 and 11 AM services, which gave me two chances to get angry about the shirts, and hell, if you're going to pay me to play half notes, let's do it twice!

As you might imagine, I slept all afternoon.

The PM church gig was not bad.  Cell phone service inside the church seems to be improving, which kept me up to date on the football games.

Happy birthday to my lovely wife!

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