Yacht Rock was up early (for us) on a Monday morning for an appearance on CBS Better Mornings (the local morning TV show).  The traffic was horrible because of the rain, but at least there was no loading in involved--we stood around in the shot while Nick and Pete did all the talking, promoting the Candler Park Fall Festival.  We'll be performing our Dazed and Confused stoner-rock set with special appearances by Rick Derringer and Derek St. Holmes.

There were a couple of awesome cars there--a Chevy Nova and a Plymouth Belvedere.

Monday night, I played a weird House Live gig at the World Congress Center.  The client was worried about the volume, I guess, so they wanted it to be acoustic.  That's not possible, however, when ONE THIRD OF THE TRIO IS A DJ!  Also, they wanted it to be futuristic, so they requested that I play EWI, which is once again NOT ACOUSTIC.  Duh…We ended up with a couple of monitors pointed back at us, but no microphones or effects.

More stupid stuff:  the client wanted me to play saxophone at the top of the escalator to "draw people down to the exhibit hall."  At 5:30, the guy told me to start.  After five seconds, the guy asked me to stop.  "They can hear you everywhere in the building!"  I thought that was the idea.  Eventually, this great idea was scrapped and I moved downstairs to the main gig.

Our set was uninspired.  People kept coming up to photograph us;  later on I realized they were taking pictures of the aerialists behind us.  Thank God this one didn't go three hours--I wouldn't have made it.

The entire exhibit hall was full of futuristic logistics solutions--mostly trucks and computers.  There was no one around at the end of the night to keep me from test driving some stuff.

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