End of Season

Yacht Rock closed out the season of Park Tavern shows last night with a very strong performance for about a thousand people.  Fun stuff, and we came out without any major disasters!

I can't help but think about how much better last night's show was compared to the last one of 2011.  You can recap that disaster HERE.  Peroni Night got the best of me.  Drunk blogging…not good.

We brought back a couple of songs that we haven't played in a while in preparation for the big show October 20 at the Variety Playhouse:  Purple Rain and Thriller (both albums played in their entirety).   Get your tickets now!

Late in the first set, we had three sax songs in a row in weird keys (for me):  LA Lindsay and Will it Go Round in Circles both in Ab concert (Bb on tenor), and She's Gone, which has the solo over the verse in B (Ab on alto) .  Why do those keys feel so awkward?  It's not like I never play those notes.

In the second set, we debuted the Isley Brothers version of Listen to the Music.  I played ten variations on the opening organ lick.  This one's fun to play.  I hope we keep it.

We're headed out to play the Georgia Theatre tonight--I'm pretty sure it's going to sell out again, so if you're reading this, you need to go get your tickets now.  See you there!

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