How to Play When You're Drunk

Hell if I know.  This last Park Tavern gig was a fairly miserable experience.  Why?

1.  All of my gear is in North Carolina for a wedding tomorrow night, so I had to borrow gear to cover this gig.  I found about borrowing gear a week ago.  It did not go well.  The stuff I borrowed was not really compatible with this gig.  I could go into the details of it, but why bother.

2.  I was drunk.

So yeah, I played like shit.  I drank a lot of beer before we got on stage.  My gear sounded bad coming through my speaker.  It was uninspiring to say the least.  I didn't enjoy it.  I watched my watch click down til 11 PM.  It certainly didn't help to hear what I perceived to be a sarcastic comment from a friend of the band.  I know I didn't have anything to offer tonight, but I sure as fucking hell don't need to hear about it from anybody outside of the band.  I'm not even sure if I need to hear it from anyone inside the band.  I know when I'm not playing well, and when it sounds like shit.  I sit closer to the fucking speaker than you do, and I know way better than you do what my parts are supposed to sound like.

Sorry if it sucked for you.  It fucking sucked for me, too.

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