More Two-fers

Wow!  Another night with two gigs (and both were indoors!)!

My first gig was a little trio gig at the Marriott downtown.  This one came up at the last minute--it became an "official" gig (I received a contract) about twenty-four hours before the gig.  Because of this, I wasn't able to get Tyrone or Kevin on the gig.  Tyrone was playing a gig with Joe Gransden and Kevin was in the room next to me playing with Brent Runnells.  This gave me the opportunity to check out some different guys--I hired Nick Rosen on piano and Nadav Spiegelman on bass.  Good stuff!  All three of us played well.  We did a set of tunes by other people before we tackled some of my songs.

Here are mp3s from the gig:

My second gig was the regular Yacht Rock gig at the 10 High.  This one was fun!  Ganesh played great--he had a lot of energy that really made the gig feel easy.

The second set was a little silly.  There might have been alcohol involved.  Happy birthday to Mark Bencuya!

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