Pinehurst Golf

Yacht Rock played a gig Tuesday evening at the Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina.  It was definitely one of our weirdest gigs ever.  We played for the US Kids Golf World Championship.  Someone who had seen us perform in Atlanta hired us as evening entertainment.

There we were in a ballroom with a couple of hundred kids (10 years old would be my guess) and their parents.  We played two sets with iPod in the middle.  It was kind of a mitzvah situation.  Everybody was sober.

The gig had a strange vibe, but everything else was pretty awesome.  Easy load in and load out.  We ordered food--on someone else's tab--(I had caesar salad, filet mignon, and key lime pie) before the gig.  Open bar after the gig. I spent the night in a room to myself.  The next morning, I had a forty dollar breakfast (again on someone else's bill).  Extremely nice people working there.  The size and age of the place reminded me of The Greenbrier in West Virginia--the same kind of old school resort.

Wish I played golf!

Wednesday, we were in Raleigh, NC, hanging out until our Thursday night gig at the Lincoln Theatre. It should be fun!

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