Sunday Fun

So yeah…I dragged ass out of bed and went to my AM church gig.  More of the same kind of vibe (or more correctly, lack of vibe).  We kind of threw together some hymns and worked through a sixteen page chart, and then one after that that was probably around ten pages.

The performance was OK.  Tommy Dodd (of pedal steel fame) was there again, so he and I were sharing "fill" space, and the music didn't have that much space to begin with.  I felt really disconnected from what we were doing.  We did one song with a percussion loop.  The vocalists sang to the slap they were hearing off the back wall and the rhythm section played to a click (all on headphones).  I was in the middle, I guess.

We finished the service, and everybody in the band EXCEPT me was invited to play the second service (a repeat of what we'd just done).  One of the other guys asked if I got the email about staying and I said no, but then I had to ask the band leader, who shot me down.  Ouch…that was a little uncomfortable!  No love for Dave.

I left there and headed over to the church where I used to play, St. Ann's, for a special mass.  One of the long time priests there, Father Ray, has been transferred to Chicago, and for his final mass he specifically requested me to come play.  Very cool!

From the moment I walked into the church, things were great.  I know the guys in the band (led by Ed Bolduc of bVI, IV, Vsus V fame), and we were all excited to be reunited.  Super fun!  I think I have a good approach to Ed's playing and compositions, and the whole mass (without rehearsal) went very well, and I had a really good time.  Father Ray started crying during one song, and after we ended he apologized:  "I'm sorry…it's just the sax!"

Before the mass, Ed announced to the entire congregation:  "Joining us today for this mass is saxophonist David Freeman from the Yacht Rock Revue!"  Ha!  I guess that's who I am now.

It was really cool to see lots of old faces!  Maybe St. Ann's could take up a collection and get me back in there…



My PM church gig was ok.  I'd didn't play anything of value.  My mix sounded pretty good, I think.

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