Park Tavern Fun

Yacht Rock played our monthly gig at the Park Tavern last night to 1,600 fans.  The show sold out early in the afternoon, but they sold a bunch of walk up tickets at the door.  I'm not sure exactly how that works, but it was PACKED.

Great crowd, great gig!  We did a chronological set, beginning in 1972 and ending in 1984.

Takin' it to the Streets showed up on the set list for the first time in months.  The set list maker does not care for this song.  Naturally, I like it.  We rarely play it.  It seems really silly to me that a couple of obvious yacht rock songs (Baker Street being another) are rarely performed because someone in the band doesn't care for it.  How is any song on our setlist better or worse than any other?

 Takin' it to the Streets by David B Freeman

We slipped our originals in there.  They seem to be getting better, though I sucked on the horn section part.  Thinking in two keys will do that to you, I guess.

 Can't Wait for Summer by David B Freeman

We have a bunch of shows between now and the next Park Tavern gig (July 27).  See y'all out there!

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