Bon Voyage!

The Yacht Rock Revue closed out our four year residency at the 10 High in Atlanta last night.  Has it already been four years?  We're moving on because our schedule is so packed, we can't make it most of the time.  Rather than show up every five or six weeks for our house gig (to ever dwindling crowds), we decided that it was time to let it go.

Naturally, the send off party was super packed.  I went upstairs on the break, and there was STILL a line of people out the door of the Dark Horse waiting to get in.  That's pretty neat.  I can only think of one other "line out the door" night.

The crowd inside was, of course, jammed in there.  I wish they'd given out breath mints at the door.  Lots of very appreciative people--they all made it seem like we were never playing again.  Maybe they misinterpreted Jim's Last Waltz poster?  I even said to somebody, "Why come down in this dirty basement when you could see tomorrow at the Park Tavern?"

While I was standing around waiting for the show to begin, some girl asked me if I straighten my hair (I had my wig on).

"No.  It's naturally straight."

"Do you put gel or anything in it?"

"No, just shampoo and conditioner."

Uhh…the show on stage was a lot of fun.  The special guests were all prepared, and everybody played well.  Jordan Shalhoup got up and played a few section things with me, and I thought those were really cool.  I didn't get a chance to ask Nick (since he was closest to my amp), but I bet Silly Love Songs sounded really neat with multiple saxophones.  Jordan and I were pleased with ourselves.

And then it was over, and we packed up just like every other time in the past four years, dragged stuff out to the parking lot, and drove away.  So long 10 High!

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