Athfest 2012

Yacht Rock headlined Athfest 2012 in Athens, GA last night.  Great crowd, good weather, nice size stage, easy load in;  bad sound, bad sound, bad sound.  We set up in a hurry (in front of everybody), plugged everything in, and the sound guys couldn't get it together.  It was one of the most awkward line checks ever.  The entire audience got to watch as the crew tried to figure out what microphone they'd just plugged in to what channel.  Not good!

Once we got off and running, the sound guys let a couple of microphones feedback just slightly through the entire set.  One was my vocal microphone, which I unplugged after three songs.  The other…we'll never know.  Obviously, they didn't.

In other news, I couldn't play the horn lick on Rosanna to save my life.  I was 0-4.

Mark Dannells had an atomic flip out after he messed up his solo on Can't Wait for Summer.  Briefly, I wondered if he'd be able to play the remainder of the gig.  After he'd kicked every piece of equipment, he was ok.

I figured out where the microphone is on my phone, so I pointed it away from the drums and towards me.  Less crash cymbal and more saxophone.  You might also be able to hear me cussing when I screw up my piano part.  The solo was not necessarily any better than Friday night.

 Takin' it to the Streets (Athens) by David B Freeman

Home by midnight.  Not too shabby.

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