More Newcastle!

Last night I began the Yacht Rock festivities by ordering a Newcastle and declaring the possibility that I might get rip-roarin' drunk (to which Nick replied, "Like last night?")  I'm really not that bad.  I in fact did not get drunk, but I was buzzed for the entire night.  It was that kind of night--I hate to say it, but I didn't care.

The crowd was good (and good lookin'--wow!), and pretty appreciative of what we were giving them.  I was surprised at the end of the night that the final count was so high--in front of me there were times when it was thin.  The room must have turned over more than usual.

I was on a pair of great reeds last night and I could hear my monitor really well, so I just went for it.  Things like Baker Street got a little extra sauce;  maybe it was the beer?  I just had to do it.  Kind of givin' it all the finger.

On the other hand, my laptop (the old one) gave me the finger a couple of times!  Something happened a few times--the EWI would transmit MIDI info (I guess?) that muted Logic on my laptop, and so I'd tried to play something and get NOTHING.  Very, very, very irritating.  Thank god I was in a "f**k it" kind of mood or I probably would have gotten very upset.  Instead I just banged on the space bar and/or enter until it was cleared up.  Here's to gear that doesn't do this!

That was the last straw.  I spent all of today getting my sounds together on Mainstage (on my Macbook Pro) and making sure it all worked.  Now that I'm up and running, I am wiping my old computer (the G4) clean.  There's no going back!

I really am pretty sick of dealing with the EWI.  I'm cool with using it as another "voice", say the way Bob Mintzer uses it in the Yellowjackets, but I'm sick of dealing with it as a MIDI controller.  I guess I should have taken piano lessons more seriously!

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