I played a lot of bullshit tonight, but I looked damn good.

Tonight was a weird trio gig at the Marriott Marquis downtown.  It was supposed to be 6 to 9, but at some point I was informed it would begin at 6:30.  No big deal;  we hung out.

When we finally got started playing, I don't know if it was because Kevin was exhausted from a long weekend or we were in a dead spot in the room or what, but it felt like we were playing into deep space.  I mean, the room just ate our sound and took all the energy with it.  There seemed to be nothing I could do to kick us into gear.  Thus, I played a bunch of crap, trying to force some excitement.  Maybe when I go back and listen to it tomorrow, I'll think differently, but it felt like I wasn't making any sense.  My reeds felt stuffy and my hands wouldn't work.

My contract said dinner/awards, so we played about an hour and twenty minutes waiting for the awards ceremony that never came.  When people started leaving for the night, we took a break.  The second set made it about fifteen minutes--during the second tune, I had my eyes closed while I was playing, and I opened them to find my client two feet in front of me.  What the hell!

She told us we were finished (at 8:30 PM), but then asked if she could "borrow" Tyrone to play a song in the hospitality suite--they had a grand piano up there.  He returned after 9 PM.  It's always an adventure.

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