Trio mp3s

Last night I played a quartet gig with Tyrone Jackson (keyboards), Joseph Patrick Moore (fretless bass), and Marlon Patton (drums).  An awesome musical experience and a very easy gig!  I couldn't have asked for more from those guys.  Unfortunately, my recording device ran out of batteries about four minutes into the gig, so there is no record of how terrific the band was, save for about three minutes of the first song.

The only damper on the gig was that someone walked through the parking garage breaking into cars last night, including Joe's jeep.  They grabbed a bag containing charts he needed for upcoming gigs with Earl Klugh and Bob James (AGH!!!!), but the security guys found his bag in another part of the garage.  Evidently charts are of no value to burglars.  

I finally cut up the audio from last Wednesday's trio with Louis Heriveaux (keyboard) and Kevin Smith (bass).  The mp3s sound like this:

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