I played at Blind Willie's in Virginia-Highland last night with Scott Glazer's Mojo Dojo, alongside John Sandfort, Nick Johnson, Jez Graham, and Adam Goodhue. A great hang, but it was sooo loud, sooo loud. I'm deaf.

Everybody on this gig is good, but I must mention how great it was to stand next to John Sandfort all night, with his huge sound, great time, and killer ideas. Just...wow. Love his playing.

Scott has some crazy stories, and last night he introduced Sam and Dave's Broke Down Piece of Man by saying that Sam had sung at Col. Bruce's 70th Birthday Party at The Fox here in Atlanta, and he went through the whole thing about Bruce collapsing onstage and ultimately dying at the end of the night, and how he'd afterwards talked to one of the musicians who was  on stage at the time--he just got completely off track from Sam and Dave for several minutes in describing Col. Bruce's night, and at the end of the story he turned around to Nick and said, "Nick--you were there, on stage too!" Eventually, it came back around that Sam had sung that night, and Nick said, "No. I think you're thinking of the Greg Allman show," and Scott goes, "Oh...anyway, here's some Sam and Dave!"

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